Mystery anthology bought by Seal/Hachette!

I am thrilled to announce that Laura Mazer, Executive Editor at Seal Press/​Hachette, has bought my 7th anthology, working title "Mystery Writers on the Mysteries of Life," personal essays written by top mystery writers. The list of contributing authors is not complete, but to date the book will include: Cara Black, Rhys Bowen, Lynn Cahoon, Jeffrey Deaver, Carole Nelson Douglas, Robert Dugoni, Connie May Fowler, Sulari Gentill, Rachel Howzell Hall, William Kent Kreuger, Caroline Leavitt, Kristen Lepionka, Martin Limón, Anne Perry, Charles Todd, and Jacqueline Winspear.
The pub date will be spring, 2020.

FAITH: Essays From Believers, Agnostics, and Atheists

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EXIT LAUGHING: How Humor Takes the Sting Out of Death

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I love you. The meeting ran late. I want a divorce. One little word, one casual lie, one devastating announcement -- and our lives are turned upside down forever. In He Said What?: Women Write About Moments When Everything Changed, twenty-five gifted women writers share profoundly personal moments in which men in their lives said something—good or bad—that changed them irrevocably. This eclectic group of essays is fascinating, heartbreaking, hilarious. Most of all, each one demonstrates the incredible power that words have in influencing our lives.

What happens when you realize that your picture-perfect boyfriend is a liar and a bully? Or when you dedicate your life to someone who suddenly orders you to pack your bags and leave? What does it feel like when your brother tells you he's gay? Imagine attending an international conference on women's rights, only to discover that nearly every right has been trampled ... and things at home aren't going so well, either!

Funny, provocative, touching, thrilling, He Said What? illustrates the powerful impact the right, or wrong, words can have on our lives. Contributing authors include: Barbara Abercrombie, Beverly Donofrio, Margot Duxler, Amy Ferris, Abby Frucht, BJ Gallagher, Jane Ganahl, Bonnie Garvin, Sherry Glaser-Love, Kathi Kamen Goldmark, Rose Guilbault, Pam Houston, Carrie Kabak, Caroline Leavitt, Maxinne Leighton, Joyce Maynard, Christine O’Hagan, Mary Pols, Karen Quinn, Dianne Rinehart, Colleen Robinson, Jenny Rough, Clea Simon, Starhawk, Victoria Zackheim.

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