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The Bone Weaver

Following the death of her lifelong friend, professor Mimi Zilber sets off on a journey to discover how she came to this lonely place in her life, and why she runs from the opportunity to love. The Bone Weaver is a blend of history and fiction created around three generations of women and their struggles to survive pogroms, illness and the violence of shtetl life in nineteenth-century eastern Europe. Taking apart the family tapestry thread by thread, studying these women and their daily lives of uncertainty, tragedy and joy, Mimi learns important lessons about courage and the will to survive. In her discovery of what makes these women remarkable, she also discovers herself.

Book Passage (News and Reviews): “The sense of place…past and
present, is captivating and profound.”

Midwest Book Review: “The Bone Weaver is a superbly written generational story…unique, powerful…inspiring, and very highly recommended…”

Gayle Brandeis, author, The Book of Dead Birds: A gorgeous, deeply moving exploration of grief and the stories that ultimately sustain us. Zackheim plumbs both the inner and outer worlds with great sensitivity and grace.